We help sports organizations like you save time and energy managing your associations with our easy-to-use state management and officials operations software. Our products provide you with the intuitive tools that allow you to run state activities, events, and manage eligibility compliance more efficiently so you have time to focus on your ultimate goals as an administrator.

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We believe technology should solve your challenges. With our data insights, digital and mobile friendly solutions, you'll be able to automate, simplify and grow faster while delivering a powerful and engaging experience at the same time.


All VantageSportz solutions allow for a seamless, paperless flow and tracking of eligibility data between member schools and the state without the redundant data entry. We will configure the eligibility requirements for your state (where schools enter data from LeagueMinder), allowing schools to focus on their own needs while simultaneously providing compliance reporting, student counts, rosters, and school information to the state. Manage all aspects of governance and report on student/coach eligibility, transfer    waivers and misconducts.                                            

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Associations can manage all schedules and changes or create an initial schedule to allow school administrators to manage ongoing changes. Our auto-scheduler allows for single and double round-robins or any custom formulas that include divisions within a league. Associations can also give permissions to leagues for creating and managing their own schedules. Schools, districts and counties can complement the system by adding Facilities Management to ensure the availability of gyms, fields, and        rinks.                                                                     

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Officials Assigning & Pay

VantageSportz is a leader in sports officials' operations solutions. Our platform allows for a paperless flow of schedules, assignments, fees, changes, and notifications, so there is never a need for duplicate entry of data. We offer digital payment as an affordable solution to paying your officials and keeping you and your member schools out of the 1099 business. Officials can register for sports or clinics, take rules meetings and tests, view their schedules and confirm availability, print certificates, and access help videos from our secure dashboard.

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Association Websites

Vantage has been building innovative and adaptive websites for over 20 years. We give you full control over your content and page layout with no technical skills required. Your new association website includes industry-leading publishing tools, unlimited pages, form builder, doc libraries, membership directory, newsletters, links, and unlimited advertising space to generate more revenue streams, and much more.

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VantageSportz has understood the power of data and analytics. Over the span of 20 years, Vantage has built tools to help organizers make data-driven decisions by syndicating data from the various applications you prefer to use. By using our all-in-one solution, we become the data warehouse for all your data needs, enabling you for the first time to make data-driven decisions for these various disparate data sources.

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Membership Management

Utilizing our state management solution allows association staff a clear view of management over your classifications, sections, regions, divisions, leagues and conferences, sports and levels, event types, locations, co-ops, assigners, and assigning associations. We allow your schools to operate with LeagueMinder at both a school and conference level while maintaining 100% compliance with your guidelines and parameters.

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